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The Open Division will play in a modified bracket style tournament I'm calling "multi-bracket single elimination.

Below you can explore a diagram of this system.

Seeding will be also be a novel "slide and shuffle" system.

  • Slide refers to lining up the players by rank, then cutting the list in half and sliding the bottom half to be paired with the top half. This has the benefit of minimizing the starting rank difference for all initial games.

  • Shuffle refers to the how the pairs are placed within in the bracket. For example, pairs ABCD will be shuffled to be ACBD. This attempts to maximize the chance that games get more and more interesting and competitive each round, culminating in the final round being the most exciting (based on starting rank).

The purple bracket is where all players in the Open Division will start. If someone loses a game they will move down to the orange bracket. If you lose a second game you will leave the open division and play your remaining matches in the Main Division.

This is designed to serve multiple functions.

  • First, this will create a very clear 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

  • Second, those who no longer have a shot at winning will be able to more freely choose who and how they play. It can be demoralizing to be required to continue matches in a division you cannot win.

  • Third, players who took the time and money to travel to this event are not completely eliminated from play. Since other players from the Open Division will also be moving into the Main Division there will still be plenty of chances for interesting and competitive game.

Any questions can be directed to the TD by email at

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