• Players entering the tournament (either division) who live in one of the four states (Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, or West Virginia) will qualify to become the State Champion of their respective state

  • You cannot win the championship for a state you do not live in

  • To qualify for the championship you must have played either 4 games in the Open Division or a minimum of 6 games in the Main Division

  • Official Rules:

    • The State Champion will be decided based on the top performing player

    • Performance is calculated in order by 

      • win ratio (player with the higher)

      • division (Open players selected over Main Division)

      • the number of wins/games (players with more games win)

      • rank (if a player is 6 or more stones stronger they win)

    • If players are still tied, the winner is decided by a showdown match. If there is not enough time, then it is done by calculating sum of opponents scores.

    • The State Champion will be selected from the Open Division as long as that division has three or more players from that state and the players win at least 75% of their games

    • If the above qualifications are not met then the State Champion may be selected from either the Open or the Main Division 

  • Examples:

    • No WV players enter the Open. Two WV players enter the Main Division and each win 75%(6/8) of their games. Player ranks are within 5 stones. Tie breaker rules apply.

      • If one player had 75%(8/12) and the other had 75%(6/8), the first player would win.​

      • If each player had 75%(6/8) but the first player was 1 kyu and the second was 7 kyu, the first player would win since the rank difference is larger than 5 stones.

    • Only one KY player enters the Open and wins 75%(3/4). The next best KY player enters the Main Division and wins 83%(5/6) of their games. The second player is the KY state champion.

    • One player enters the Open and wins 75%(3/4). Another player enters the Main Division and wins 75%(6/8) of their games. The first player is the state champion.

    • Three OH players enter the Open. Each win 60%(3/5) of their games. The top performing OH player in the Main Division won 4/6(66%). Main division player wins

      • However, if one of the three OH Open players wins 80%(4/5) games and the top OH Main Division player wins 6/6(100%) of their games. The Open player wins the OH championship.​

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