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  • To qualify a player must currently reside in the state of Ohio and have done so for more than 2 months prior to the event.

  • In an attempt to better reach all Go players within the state, the preliminaries (all rounds prior to the final round) will be held online using OGS and potentially other platforms to manage play.

  • The championship round will be held during the Midwest Open. Two tickets will be held in reserve for qualifying players, however, those tickets must still be purchased to compete in the event.

  • Anyone of any skill is able to enter.

  • The ruleset used for this event is AGA rules.

  • Time settings for the match will be 60 minutes main time with 5 sets of 45 second byo-yomi periods.

  • All rules are subject to change.

Those wishing to participate in the preliminary matches without buying may do so by RSVPing here:

  • Additional details coming soon

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